What Is Evaluated During a Roof Inspection

Do you need to have a roof inspection performed at your home, but you're wondering what exactly is done? Here is what you can expect to be evaluated during a roof inspection. Shingle Evaluation Your inspector is going to look at the overall condition of your shingles. If you have asphalt shingles, they will look at the granules that are on the shingles and if they are still attached to the surface of the material. Read More 

Situations Where A PVC Membrane Could Work Instead Of A Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is a viable solution when there is no further room for repairs. Generally, roofers have different repair solutions depending on the specific roofing issue. PVC application is one such solution. In addition to its durability, PVC is also environmentally friendly, easy to work with, and heat-reflective. Additionally, it is versatile and also solves a lot of roofing issues. This article highlights some roofing issues that can be resolved by installing a PVC membrane. Read More 

3 Details To Know About Your New Roof Installation

When it's time for a new roof installation, you may have a lot of questions for your roofer if you've never been through the process of getting a new roof before. Your roofer will take time to explain the process when they provide you with a price quote, but here are a few things to know about getting a new roof. 1. The Roofer May Replace The Entire Roof System Read More 

3 Things To Consider Before Starting Your Commercial Roofing Construction Project

A lot of careful planning goes into commercial roofing construction. You'll need to meet with your chosen commercial roofer to discuss how the work will proceed, especially if you have a business that will be open to the public while the work is going on. Here are some things you may need to think about with your commercial roofing construction project. 1. If You'll Cover Up The Old Roof A major decision you need to make is if you'll cover the old roof with a new one. Read More 

Which Roof Is Right For Your Commercial Shed?

If you run a business that involves one or more sheds on your property, you may struggle to maintain those roofs. Whether you are repairing a roof or you are replacing your roof with something new, it is helpful to have some knowledge about the types of roofs that are used for sheds. As you consider your commercial roofing options for your shed, here are a few things to know about each of these options. Read More