Roofing Problems You Should Never Ignore

A good roof will protect your valuable assets and family all year round. Unfortunately, the roof doesn't remain intact forever as it will deteriorate with age. Moreover, inclement weather can wreak havoc on your roof, causing extensive damage. Typically, damage to the roof can compromise your home's insulation and cause structural damage. For this reason, it is vital to hire expert roofers as soon as you notice signs of deterioration. They will assess the roof and identify areas that require repair.

This guide shares roofing issues that require the immediate attention of a roofing contractor. 

Roof Leaks

When shingles dry out over time, they may crack, break and lose their granules. As a result, they will lose their water shedding ability, causing the roof to leak water when it rains. In addition, improperly sealed valleys may leak water into your house instead of channeling it to the drains. As a result, you will notice yellow stains on your walls, mold growth, or paint flaking off. Therefore, instant roof repair is necessary when you notice signs of water leakage. If the damage is extensive, your roofer might need to replace the entire roof membrane.

Missing or Shifted Tiles

High-velocity winds and heavy downpours can cause your roofing tiles to come out of place. Furthermore, loose tiles will eventually fall away. If not addressed in time, these openings will allow moisture and water to enter the building, damaging your assets. Besides that, it provides a breeding site for rodents and pests. Thus, it is prudent to contact a roofing contractor to replace the missing shingles or fix the tiles immediately to avert such issues.

Clogged Drains

Animal carcasses, plant matter, and soil will collect in the gutters, restricting the channel's ability to drain water. Over time, this debris forms an obstruction that prevents water from flowing smoothly through the gutters. Consequently, water will accumulate on the roof, attracting mosquitoes and fungal outgrowths around the water pools. Additionally, the water build-up may exert pressure on the gutters, causing them to collapse. In this case, you need to engage a professional roofer to clean your gutters, ensuring effective water flow. 

Missing or Failing Flashing

A properly installed flashing will divert water away from the chimney and vents. However, water might leak into your home when the flashing sustains damage from hail stones or deteriorates due to aging. With bad flashing, water will leak into the roofing system and cause damage to the tiles and underlayment.

Repairing your roof promptly is vital as it optimizes the roofing system. Therefore, you should schedule routine tune-ups with a roofing expert to service the roof and perform necessary repairs.

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