3 Reasons To Have A Roof Coating Applied

A roof coating is a thin layer of silicone or some other substance that's sprayed or rolled on your roof to protect the roof from sun exposure and leaks. There are different types of coatings, and your roofer will help you select the best one for your project. Here are reasons why you may want a coating applied to your roof.

1. It's A Required Part Of Your Roofing System

If your building has a foam roof, the commercial roofer puts a coating on as the last step in the installation of the roofing system. Foam is easily damaged by UV rays, so a coating is needed for protection. However, the coating wears off over the years. If your roofer notices the coating is wearing down, they'll probably recommend you have another coating applied before your roof sustains sun damage.

2. You Want A Cooler Building With Less Solar Heating

Roof coatings are often white, and the light color reflects the sun to prevent solar warming. You can also have reflective granules added to a coating to make it even more reflective.

The result could be a cooler building in the summer months so you spend less on your electricity bills and your employees are more comfortable. A reflective roof can also keep parts of your building cooler that don't have adequate air conditioning so your stored supplies don't overheat.

3. A New Roof Doesn't Fit Your Budget Right Now

A roof coating can make your old roof last longer. However, timing is critical. The coating has to be applied before the old roof has so much water damage that it needs to be torn off. Repairs are done before a coating is put on, so moisture damage has to be repaired. This adds to the cost of getting a coating put on, so it's best to plan on getting a coating when your roof is old but still in good shape.

Coatings can go on roofs of many types and slopes. Your roofer can put a coating on a metal, membrane, foam, or asphalt shingle roof. A coating can be applied to a flat or sloped roof. Your roofer just has to choose the right type of coating so it adheres well to the type of old roofing you have.

Roof coatings make old roofs last years longer, so you can buy time to save up for a roof replacement. While a coating has expenses associated with it too, coatings usually cost much less than getting a new roof. For more information, contact a company like FLAT ROOFING EXPERTS LLC.