Four Telltale Signs You Are Ready for a New Roof Installation Project

It is common for homeowners to neglect their roofs and postpone repairs or replacements. Unfortunately, like many things, a roof naturally reaches the end of its useful life, and no number of fixes can help revive it. But how do you know you need a new roof? This piece will examine some of the major signs you need a roof replacement. 1. An Aged and Dull Roof An old, dull, leaky roof is probably past its expected useful life. Read More 

Common Roof Installation Errors That Can Cause Your Roof To Fail Early

Although every roof eventually deteriorates and will need to be replaced, proper roof installation is necessary to avoid premature roof failure in the future. To ensure the installation of your roof is done correctly, it helps to know what roof installation mistakes you should avoid. Here are some critical errors to watch out for when undertaking roof installation projects. Using the Wrong Type of Roofing Material Different roofing materials offer varying levels of protection against the outside elements, hence matching your roofing material to the local climate is crucial to ensure the durability of your roof installation project. Read More 

You Might Need A New Roofing Installation Before You Get Solar Panels Installed

If you're thinking about getting solar panels put on your home, it may be time to consider a new roof too. It's often good to install new roofing at the same time you get solar panels so they can both age at the same rate. Putting solar panels on an old roof could mean you'll need to pay thousands of dollars to remove and replace the panels when you need to get a new roof later. Read More 

Basic Commercial Roofs: A Guide To Help You Choose The Right Roof For Your Business

Roofing is a crucial project for any business. It comes as no surprise that roofs play an important role in protecting your building from the harsh weather outside. However, commercial roofs fall under a different category compared to residential roofs. Here are things you need to know about commercial roofs. An Overview of Commercial Roofs Commercial roofs are generally more complex than residential ones. There are more types of commercial roofs, and they generally require more maintenance than residential roofs. Read More 

What To Compare In New Shingles For Your Asphalt Roofing Installation

If you're planning a new asphalt roofing installation, you might be looking at different types of shingles so you can pick the best ones for your home. You might be surprised at the choices you have in new roofing shingles. Here are some things to compare in asphalt shingle roofing. Color  Color is very important since you'll be stuck with the same color for many years after your roofing installation. You might want to change the exterior paint color on your home in the future, so you want roofing that matches the color you have now, but that also matches other colors. Read More