Reasons Why Foam Commercial Roofing Is Worth A Close Look

If your commercial building needs a new roof, talk to your contractor about the suitability of a foam roof. Foam roofing has some advantages over membrane and built-up roofing, but the ideal commercial roofing solution for your building depends on several factors that your roofer can address, such as climate, foot traffic, and air pollutants. Here are reasons a foam roof is worth a second look.

Foam Is Energy Efficient

A foam roof system consists of insulation boards topped by foam that's coated with granules. This creates roofing that reflects UV rays to keep your building cool, and that has a high R-value to reduce heat transfer. Plus, the foam is an air, vapor, and moisture barrier that further helps with energy efficiency.

Foam Roofs Have No Seams

An interesting advantage of foam roofs is that the roofs have no seams. The foam even makes flashing without seams. The reason this is a good point is that seams are the vulnerable part of commercial roofing. Rain leaks between seams and seam gaps keep getting bigger so water damage escalates.

Foam Roofs Can Go Over Other Roofs

Your contractor will probably do a moisture survey to make sure your roof doesn't have a lot of water damage. If your roof is suitable for another layer of roofing, a foam roof can go right over membrane or other types of commercial roofing. This keeps the cost of your roofing installation lower since you don't have to pay for labor to remove the old roof or pay for dump fees.

When the foam roof gets worn down, you won't have to tear it off to replace it. Instead, another layer of foam can be added at a more affordable cost than replacing the roof. This keeps the ongoing costs of roof maintenance as affordable as possible.

Foam Roofs Are Durable And Repairable

Foam commercial roofing lasts for many years because it is durable. If damage happens to occur, the foam can be repaired to prevent a roof leak. You'll want regular inspections for your foam roof just like you do any other commercial roofing so damaged areas can be repaired promptly if they occur. If the roof is damaged by hail, a roof leak may not be a serious threat since foam usually has to be punctured all the way through before it starts leaking.

A commercial roofing contractor can help you decide if foam roofing is a good match for your building. If so, you'll enjoy an installation process that isn't very disruptive, and that goes fast. Then you'll have an attractive roof that should protect your building for many years.