How Asphalt Shingle And Metal Residential Roofing Compare For Your Cabin Roof

If you've bought a cabin to renovate to use as a getaway to go boating, fishing, or just escape the city, you'll have special considerations when it comes to the type of roofing you'll put on your cabin. Common types of residential roofing include asphalt shingles, clay tiles, and metal panels. Clay tiles aren't really an appropriate look for a rustic cabin, so you may be deciding between asphalt shingles and metal panels. Here's how they compare when it comes to cabin roofing.

Asphalt Shingles Are The Budget-Friendly Option

Asphalt shingles are a popular type of residential roofing because they are one of the most affordable choices. You can also choose high-quality shingles that cost more and provide better protection against impacts, wind, and fire. The shingles could be an attractive option for a cabin, and if the shingles are damaged, you might be able to replace the damaged ones yourself if you like to fix things and don't mind climbing on your roof.

Asphalt shingles can be damaged by hail and other impacts, and they don't provide a lot of protection against curious animals that climb on your roof. Trees might even cause damage if your cabin is surrounded by them and branches scrape against the shingles. Plus, heavy shade could encourage algae to cover the shingles. You'll want to weigh the pros and cons against the cost savings when deciding if asphalt shingles are a good choice for your cabin renovation.

Metal Panels Are The More Durable Option

Metal roofing is more expensive, so that's a point to consider. However, since it's durable, you should have fewer repairs, so that saves money. Plus, metal panels last longer than asphalt shingles, so over the course of many years, the extra cost makes the investment worth it. Durability is important to consider too if your home is in a wooded area where a campfire might send embers through the air. Metal is good protection against fire, and it also resists wind and hail damage.

Metal is an attractive type of residential roofing. It's an ideal match for a cabin. You might want a green, red, or orange roof to brighten a dark wood cabin. If your roof has a typical slope, leaves from trees that surround your cabin will usually slide off rather than get stuck as happens on asphalt shingles. Plus, metal doesn't interest animals, so raccoons will probably leave your roof alone.

These are important considerations if you'll only visit your cabin occasionally and you want the best protection from the weather and other hazards found in a wooded or country setting.

Reach out to a local residential roofing company to learn more.