Five Steps A Roofer Follows To Fix A Concrete Tile Roof Damaged By Wind

If your property has just experienced a wind storm, it's important to check your concrete roof. Concrete tile roofs are durable and attractive but can also be vulnerable to wind damage. If damaged by wind, you may be wondering how a professional roofer can fix it. Here are five steps a professional roofer will take to repair your concrete tile roof and restore its beauty and functionality. 

1. Inspect the Roof for Damage

First, they will inspect the roof for any signs of wear, such as missing, cracked, or loose tiles. A professional roofer will use a ladder or a drone to closely examine the roof and identify the extent of the damage. They will also check the underlayment, flashing, and vents for leaks or deterioration.

2. Remove the Damaged Tiles

The roofer will remove the damaged tiles from the roof. They will use a pry bar or a hammer to gently lift and remove the tiles without damaging the surrounding ones. They will also mark the position of the tiles with chalk or tape to ensure they can replace them correctly later.

3. Replace the Underlayment if Needed

The underlayment is the material layer between the tiles and the roof deck. It protects against water and moisture. If the underlayment is damaged or worn out, it can cause leaks and mold growth. A professional roofer will replace the underlayment if it is damaged by cutting out the old one and installing a new one with nails or staples.

4. Install New Tiles

The final step for the roofer is to install new tiles matching the existing ones. A professional roofer will use nails or screws to secure the roof deck tiles, ensuring they are aligned and spaced correctly. They will also apply sealant or mortar to fill gaps or cracks between the tiles.

5. Clean Up and Inspect the Roof

After installing the new tiles, a professional roofer will clean up any debris and dust from the roof and the ground. They will also inspect the roof again to make sure there are no defects or errors in the installation. They will offer you a warranty and a maintenance plan for your concrete tile roof.

A concrete tile roof can last decades if well-maintained and repaired promptly after wind damage. Hiring a professional roofer ensures that your concrete tile roof is fixed correctly and safely and will continue to protect your home and enhance its curb appeal.

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