The Benefits Of A Peaked Or Gable Roof

A gable roof, sometimes called a pitched or peaked roof, is a roof that features a slope on both sides, rising to meet at a ridge at the top. This is a popular roof type in some parts of the country for the benefits it can provide. If you are considering contacting a local residential roofer to discuss new roof installation, here's why you might want to go with a gable roof for your home.

Water Leaves Quickly

Perhaps the best benefit of a sloping roof is that you will not have to worry too much about water pooling on your roof. The design will cause rainfall to immediately drain off of the roof instead of lingering and potentially causing a problem. The ability to remove water from the roof quickly may help you avoid issues with a leak or the growth of moss or algae underneath roofing materials.

Peace of Mind During Heavy Snowfall

If you have a flat roof and you live in an area that does get some snowfall in the winter, you may currently have to make it a point to remove some of the snow before too much weight is put onto the roof. With a sloping roof, the snow will come off easier just like with water. This should provide greater peace of mind during a heavy winter storm because you won't have to panic and contact a snow removal company as quickly as you might have in the past.

A Larger Attic Space

Due to the unique design of a sloping roof, an attic space can be created under it that will be a bit larger or taller than an attic in a home with a flat roof. You could use this additional space for storage or even convert it into an additional bedroom. A new roof will boost your house's property value by itself but you could boost that value further by creating more useable space within your home thanks to the larger attic.

Excellent Ventilation 

A larger attic space will also help your home from a ventilation and energy efficiency standpoint. You will have room to install vents that can help you regulate the temperature and ensure that your home is more energy efficient now than it's ever been in the past. Proper ventilation can also help you avoid issues like moisture buildup that could cause a problem for your home.

For more information, contact a residential roofing company near you.