Is Your Old Roof Holding Back Your Plans To Sell?

If you plan on selling your home soon, you probably don't want to spend too much time thinking about expensive improvements. After all, why shouldn't you put that money toward your new home instead? Unfortunately, neglecting certain necessary improvements can hurt your home's resale value or make it harder to find a buyer.

Since roofing is one of the most expensive and important aspects of any home, prospective buyers are sure to take a close look at yours. If your roof needs replacement, here are three reasons to consider contacting a roofer now instead of leaving the job to your home's next owner.

1. Poor First Impressions

An aging roof is often hard to miss, even for buyers who may not be familiar with roofing. As asphalt shingles age, they typically lose their granules and fade due to ultraviolet exposure. These effects can produce a roof that looks dull and lifeless, and the result is that your home will look much more drab and poorly maintained than those around it.

Even more visible issues may exist if your roof is well beyond its expected lifespan. Particularly old roofing will often develop dark spots due to trapped moisture, and moss and algae may even form in areas that never completely dry. These ugly blemishes may be some of the first things prospective buyers notice, leaving a particularly poor first impression.

2. Negative Inspection Reports

Savvy buyers will almost always request an inspection for any home they're seriously considering. Home inspectors will pore over every aspect of your house, from the HVAC system to the roofing. Unfortunately, hiding an old or worn-out roof from an experienced inspector likely isn't an option. Professional inspectors can easily evaluate a roof to determine its rough age and overall condition.

Since roof replacements can cost over $10,000, most buyers may be reluctant to purchase a home needing a new roof in a year or two. This reluctance may cost you more than a new roof as buyers either back out or try to negotiate a much lower price. Replacing your roof now will help you avoid negative inspection reports and the potential for tough price negotiations.

3. Potential for Additional Damage

Unless you already have a buyer lined up, you'll probably live in your home for months (or longer) as you prepare for your sale. Unfortunately, roofing is more than just a cosmetic or resale value issue. Your home's roof helps to protect the rest of the structure from environmental damage, including damage from wind or rain. A failing roof will be particularly vulnerable to severe storms.

Leaving your old roof in place puts you at risk of causing further damage to your home that can reduce its value or make selling it much harder. In some cases, older roofs may leak without warning or even without you noticing, leading to a potentially embarrassing discovery during a pre-purchase inspection. Replacing your roof now will help keep your home in good shape no matter how long it takes you to sell.

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