How Metal And Clay Tile Residential Roofs Compare

There are different kinds of residential roofs, so it's fun to explore your options when it's time for a roof replacement. Your budget and the slope of your roof are important deciding factors in the type of roof you get. You may want an asphalt shingle roof since that's what many homes have, but you might want something a little more elegant.

Luxury roofing to consider includes slate and copper, but those are quite expensive. Other residential roofs to consider are metal and clay tile. These are high-quality roofing materials that are mid-range in price. Here's how they compare.

Clay Tiles Have A Mediterranean Look

Clay tiles work well with Spanish or Mediterranean architecture. They complement luxury homes, but they are also a nice match for other types of residential homes. However, they may not be a good aesthetic match for certain types of architecture. Clay tiles are more common in warm climates, but if you like the look, you might want concrete tiles for a cold climate that are made to look like clay tiles.

Clay tiles are durable and are one of the better types of roofing for tolerating storms and hail. They don't attract bugs or animals, and they're easy to maintain. You may need to have the roof cleaned occasionally to get rid of algae and moss, and you should have the tiles checked for chips and cracks regularly. Chips and cracks are fairly easy to repair with adhesive and touch-up paint.

Clay tiles have a long lifespan, so you may not need to put a new roof on again once you have clay tiles installed.

Metal Roofing Is Suitable For All Homes

Metal roofing has a more casual look, but it's a good match for all kinds of homes. The roofing comes in a lot of colors, so you'll have the chance to choose something that makes your home look unique. However, white is a popular color for metal roofing since it reflects UV rays and keeps your home cooler.

Metal is also a durable material, so it needs few repairs. Common types of metal roofing are aluminum and steel. These are much more affordable than copper. Aluminum might dent more easily from hail, but it won't rust like steel might if the coating gets scratched.

A metal roof could last for decades and protect your home from fire, wind, and hail. Plus, it's more difficult for pests such as birds and rats to damage a metal roof than it is for a roof made of wood shakes or asphalt shingles.

Both clay tiles and metal roofing are good choices when you want something besides asphalt shingles or expensive luxury roofing. Your choice may come down to the look you like best.

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