Having A Roof Replaced In A Stormy Area

Do you live in an area where storms are common? Maybe you're in a hurricane zone, or perhaps you're simply in a region where thunderstorms are a regular occurrence. In either case, you need to take this harsh weather into account when having your roof replaced. Beyond choosing a storm-resistant roof material, such as concrete tile or metal sheets, there are a few modifications and upgrades you can ask your roofer to make.

Check on the roof deck.

The roof deck is the wood that forms the base of your roof. It's essentially what the shingles, tile, or metal are attached to. In most areas, the roof deck lasts for many decades—perhaps even for the life of the home. But in a storm-prone area, you're more likely to see a roof deck suffer damage. It can become cracked when a tree branch falls on it or when high winds rip up against the roof. You don't always become aware of minor roof deck damage until the outer roof materials are removed. So, be sure that your roofer is on the lookout for roof deck damage, and ask that they repair or replace any parts of the roof deck that do show signs of damage. Doing so will help protect your new roof and make your home safer in future storms.

Upgrade the fasteners.

Your roof is fastened to the main beams of your home. This can either be done with simple nails or screws or with hurricane straps. If you're not in a distinct hurricane zone, your roof may not have hurricane straps. But having them added is still a good idea, as it will help make your roof sturdier and stronger during storms that bring high winds. It's easiest for a roofer to add hurricane straps when they are already replacing your existing roof.

Use top-notch sheathing.

Sheathing is the material that lies under your roof materials, especially along the edges of your roof. In milder climates, it may be a simple, water-resistant paper. But in a storm-prone area, you should specifically ask your roofer to use top-notch, waterproof sheathing made from metal or vinyl. It's worth paying more for high-end sheathing since it will give you greater protection against leaks if your outer roof materials are ever compromised by a storm.

If you pay attention to the factors above when having a roof replaced in a stormy area, you'll be better off. Contact a company like Schultz Roofing & Repairs, LLC to learn more.