Mixed Roofing Materials: Tips And Benefits

You don't have to use the same material for your entire roof. You can mix different roofing materials and enjoy the associated benefits. Below are some tips for mixing roofing materials.

Mix Different Material Aspects

Consider different aspects of your roofing materials if you want a mixed roof. For example, you can use different roofing colors, textures, and profiles. Different colors, such as dark and light colors, can create attractive contrasts on the roof. While different textures, such as smooth and rugged materials, can add depth.

In addition, you can use asphalt shingles of different materials or mix organic and composite shingles. Therefore, don't assume that a mixed roof is automatically comprised of different roofing materials. 

Use Premium Materials on Visible Roof Parts

One of the benefits of mixed roofing is the ability to reduce the roofing budget without compromising on roof aesthetics. However, this benefit is only possible if you use premium or attractive products on the visible parts of the roof.

Consider a case where you want to improve your house's curb appeal using high-end stone-coated steel. You can use the premium material on the front surfaces of the roof that visitors or passersby easily see from the street. You can use affordable roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, on the back of the house that others rarely see.

Use Durable Materials on Problematic Roof Parts

Some parts of the roof are more susceptible to damage than others. Examples of problematic areas include:

  • Roof ridges (the peak or topmost roof part)
  • Roof valleys (where slopping roof surfaces meet)
  • Eaves (the roof parts that overhang the exterior wall)

Different roofing materials have different abilities to withstand threats such as sunlight, water, snow, and foot traffic. Use the most durable materials on the problematic parts of your roof so you don't have to replace or repair such areas prematurely.

Mind the Different Life Spans

Consider that roofing materials have different life spans. Of course, you must maintain your roof to enjoy its maximum life span. However, some parts of the roof will outlive the others even with good maintenance. For example, metal will outlast asphalt shingles even with good maintenance. Use this knowledge to maintain and budget for roof repairs and replacement.

Mixing roofing materials can work, but you must consider whether the materials will react with each other. For example, you should never mix different metals that can react with each other. Consult a roofing contractor for advice before trying a mixed roof.