What Can A Property Owner Do To Preserve The Roof Of Their Business Premises

The commercial building's roof is the first defense against harsh weather conditions. More importantly, keeping the roof in excellent condition minimizes the chances of leaking water, mold damage, and energy inefficiency. However, most people do not understand what they should do to protect their premises from water damage. With this in mind, here are some pointers that will help keep your roof in ideal condition for many more years.

Check for Stagnated Water

Ponding is one of the leading causes of trouble on commercial roofs and affects flat installations more often than other roofs. Note that manufacturer warranties are less likely to cover any damage connected to ponding water because the material is created with proper drainage channels. As such, you must be keen on the installation and ensure only a qualified roofing contractor handles it to guarantee proper drainage. More importantly, remember that ponding water leads to failure of the seams, flashing collapse, and deflection of the deck. However, a competent roofing contractor can rectify the problem by determining and resolving the cause.

Inspect the Roof Penetrations and Roofing Membrane

The roof penetrations are usually the first place where weaknesses show up. Hence, you should assess and care for them more vigilantly than other parts of the structure. As such, check spots where the HVAC pipes penetrate the roof and ensure the joints and seal are intact. You may also want to assess the drain pipes and chimneys for corrosion or other damage. As always, call a commercial roofer to repair and reroof any part that might be damaged.

Watch Out for Water Spots and Fungi

Water spots indicate that outside moisture is finding its way into the building. The good news is that you can stop this by assessing and fixing any leaks. When inspecting the interior of the building, pay special attention to the walls and floors. They are usually the first indicators that your systems have damage that needs resolution. Stains on the ceiling are another telltale sign that water is pooling on the upper surface of the roof and then seeping into the building. In such cases, a contractor will recommend drying the interior and exterior walls and repairing the leaky roof.

Trim Any Overhanging Trees

Trees are an excellent addition to your business landscape. However, when the canopies overgrow and cover the roof, they prevent the sun from getting onto the surface. As such, the material might accumulate wetness and fail to dry up, leading to rot. If this is the case, cut or trim the tree branches to help eliminate this problem.

These are simple ways to maintain your commercial roof in its perfect state. Consult a commercial roofing contractor any time you have issues that need immediate attention. Remember, timely repairs protect the building and your business from harsh weather. 

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