Roof Valleys And Repair: A Homeowners Guide

The average homeowner probably doesn't think about their roof very often unless a problem develops. It's a good idea, however, to have a working knowledge of different components of your roof, so that you are prepared for any potential issues. One vital part of almost every shingle roof is the valley. The following article takes a look at this critical roof element.


A valley is where two sections of a sloped roof meet to form an angle. Valleys get their name because they are thought to resemble valleys in nature. The primary function of the valley is to allow water to run off the roof and into the gutter. Valleys are one the most crucial parts of a roof because of the amount of water they drain. If a valley fails to function properly, then your home could be subjected to structural damage due to moisture getting into the interior of the house. For this reason, it's critical that any leaks coming from a roof valley are repaired as soon as possible.


Roof valleys come in two main types: closed and open: A closed valley is where the shingles of each section overlap in the valley so that the valley is completely enclosed with shingles. In an open valley, the shingles of each section do not overlap. Instead, metal flashing is installed down the centerline of the valley.

Also, there are two subtypes of a closed valley: cut and woven. A cut-closed valley occurs when the roofer cuts off the excess portion of material where the shingles overlap. In a woven closed valley, the excess is not cut off.

Whether a closed or open valley is preferable depends on several factors. Some homeowners feel that a closed valley looks more appealing. Closed valleys are also less expensive to install. On the other hand, an open valley is usually less susceptible to retaining debris.


As stated earlier, a leak in a valley cannot be ignored without risky extensive water damage to your home. l It's possible to patch up the leak with roofing cement or sealant, but these types of residential roof repairs do not usually last very long and will likely need another repair sooner rather than later. Making a more permanent repair usually involves replacing the entire valley, which is not really a job that the average homeowner is capable of doing themselves. When it's time to repair your valley, contact an experienced professional roofer in your area.

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