Should You Get A Slate Roof For Your Home?

One roof material that has been around for a very long time is slate. While this material has withstood the test of time, is it worth installing on your roof? Here are a few things to consider before you make a decision. 

The Lifespan

The main reason that people still install slate roofs these days is that they can last a lifetime. It's one of the longest-lasting materials you can buy for your home, with it having a very good chance of being the last roof that you'll ever have installed on your home. That's because the lifespan of slate is so long that the material will last longer than you could ever stay in the home.

Some people like slate's long lifespan for the peace of mind, knowing that they've purchased a high-quality material that will remain with the home for years to come. Other people may like slate because it's more environmentally friendly. Slate material is found in the earth, which avoids an extensive manufacturing process. Slate also leads to fewer roof replacements, which keeps cheaper materials out of the landfill.

The Price

The lifespan of slate roofing material does come with a high price tag. This is because most slate roofing material needs to be imported from other countries, which makes it harder to acquire. It's hard to predict what the supply chain issues will be like with imported slate, with the supply chain potentially increasing the price if there is a problem.

The Curb Appeal

Many homeowners seek out a slate roof because of the curb appeal that it provides to their homes. It provides a very unique look that cannot easily be replicated by artificial material. That is because natural slate is going to fade over time, which cannot easily be replicated. This is an appealing part of slate roofing material, much like how copper roofings start to have a patina look as they get older.

The Installation

You'll definitely need to find an installer that knows how to install a slate roof since it is something that a roofer needs to specialize in. It involves knowledge that is involved with reinforcing a roof for the additional weight of natural slate, as well as the knowledge of how to safely walk on a slate roof during the installation process. You're not just paying for the labor itself, but the knowledge of how to work with slate.

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