3 Critical Considerations For Metal Roof Repair

Metal roofing systems are durable, strong, and long lasting, making them perfectly suited for residential, industrial, and commercial applications. However, no roofing system is invincible, and the long life of metal roofs means they'll often need a few repairs along the way. Fortunately, repairing a metal roof usually isn't a tough job, even if the roof is relatively old.

Of course, as with any other type of roofing material, it's important to deal with problems on your metal roof as soon as you notice them. The longer you wait to address issues, the more likely your roof will suffer costly and long-term damage. If you've noticed some problems with your roof, here are three important considerations to keep in mind for any repair work.

1. Panel Matching

Metal roofing can last for decades, with well-maintained roofs potentially outliving their owners. This longevity is one of the most significant advantages of metal roofing, but it does mean that replacement parts can be an issue. If your roof is several decades old, it's entirely possible the original manufacturer no longer exists.

For repairs that involve replacing one or more roofing panels, purchasing a close match or custom fabricating a new metal panel may be necessary. Fortunately, contractors with experience in metal roofing can often help you find a solution that will maintain your roof's appearance, even if you can't buy an exact match for your existing panels.

2. Hardware Replacement

Any time you remove the fasteners on your metal roof, you must replace them with new screws or bolts. Fastener locations are a significant vulnerability for metal roofing since they can allow water to pool or leak under the roof. Metal roofs use special fasteners with attached washers/gaskets to avoid this situation.

Unfortunately, these fasteners are single-use only. Once removed from the roof, they will no longer provide an adequate seal. As a result, you should expect hardware replacement to be part of the cost of any roofing repair. Even minor repairs that involve lifting a panel require your roofer to install new metal roofing screws.

3. Decking Strength

Metal roofing panels can be fairly heavy, making it all the more important that your roof's underlying decking is in good shape. If you have a leak or other damage, your contractor must evaluate the underlying decking before fixing the problem or replacing the affected panel. Leaks can cause rot on decking, so it's critical to spot these problems before installing new roofing panels.

Repairing and reinforcing any decking will ensure your roof remains structurally sound while also helping to prevent future leaks and sagging. Taking the time to repair your roof correctly will ensure you can enjoy the many long-term benefits of a metal roofing system.

For more information, contact a metal roof repair service near you.