Flat Roofing System Additions To Help Drainage

Leaks are not the only issue you may have with your flat roofing. Your roof can be the cause of erosion around your foundation. Your roofing system can also lead to issues with pooling water and wood rot that have nothing to do with leaks. The culprit of all these issues deals with roof drainage. If you notice erosion, pooling water, clogging issues with your gutters, or other water build-up issues, you may need residential roofing system additions. Here are a few of those additions a roofing company can offer.  

Rainwater Catch

One of the additions you can make to your flat roof is a rainwater catch. This type of catch consists of free-standing sloped roofing attachments. These attachments help to catch the rainwater and move it to the proper irrigation areas. The benefit of this type of addition to your flat roof is in the ease of installation. With this method, you can avoid having your entire roofing system removed or replaced. You can also have these catches placed at the spots in need of the most help with drainage. 

Increased Downspouts

Depending on the age of your roof, you may not have downspouts in the proper locations. One of the additions your roofing company can offer is to add additional drainage and downspouts. This can help in areas that have pooling water and other related issues. You may also need to consider older downspouts and having them replaced. Cracks in the downspouts and drainage areas can cause leaks and also erosion to the roof, building, and the ground below. 

Remodeled Flat Roof

There are times when the best addition for flat roofing issues is a new roofing system. This is usually due to damage and repair needs, as well as the age of the roofing. If there are too many issues, multiple areas of pooling water, poor drainage, and other related issues, your roofing company may suggest a roofing replacement. During this replacement, the additions that can help your roof last longer and maintain itself under heavy rains can be added. 

These are just a few of the residential roofing system additions to help with drainage issues. Your roofing company can offer several solutions depending on your specific needs. If you know you are having drainage issues, contact your roofing company for an assessment and inspection. They can use this time to determine what the issues are with your roof and what upgrades and additions may be ideal. 

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