Residential Roofing: 3 Types Of Roof Decking Residential Roofing Services Can Install

Since your home's roofing system is one of your house's most important components, you should research before settling on a suitable design and layout. This way, you don't install a roofing system only to regret your choice a few months down the line. If you're clueless about roofing systems, fret not because you can always consult roofing services and get their professional recommendation.

While the rooftop is what people will see as they approach your home, what holds your roofing system in place is actually the sheathing. That's why, aside from sampling roofing materials, you should also think about the most suitable sheathing for your residence. This article will highlight three types of roof decking residential roofing services can install.

Concrete Roof Decking 

The first type of sheathing you can explore is made out of concrete which is basically, a thick and steady slap of concrete seals off the top of your house. If you want this sheathing to handle heavy loads, you should ask for a structured concrete decking that's possible with cast-in-place construction. The deck will basically be part of your home's structure and have in-built insulation panels to prevent heat exchange between your indoor spaces and the outdoor environment.

Another concrete roof deck is a structural concrete composite that allows you to add another floor to your residence in the future. This is especially preferable if you're building a massive home for your big family.

Wood Roof Decking

If you prefer to use wood for your decking, you're in luck because there are three variants to choose from. Zip wood decking is most commonly used because of its strength and durability. And the best part is that the wood is treated with a waterproof barrier to prevent rot.

Another wood decking option is plywood decking which is treated with a fire retardant to prevent it from catching fire. To boost the durability of plywood decking, manufacturers layer them together to ensure the sheathing is dense and hard-breaking. This ensures you never have to worry about your roofing system caving in.

Steel Roof Decking

Lastly, you can explore steel roof sheathing if you want a lightweight and durable roofing system. Steel decking is extremely easy to install because the metal rods don't weigh as much as the wooden and concrete counterparts. And since steel is such a strong material, you need not worry about your roofing system caving in. This sheathing is suitable for homes built in regions with hail weather.

If you're building your home from scratch, don't hesitate to consult roofing services to learn the best roofing deck for your home. 

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