Situations Where A PVC Membrane Could Work Instead Of A Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is a viable solution when there is no further room for repairs. Generally, roofers have different repair solutions depending on the specific roofing issue. PVC application is one such solution. In addition to its durability, PVC is also environmentally friendly, easy to work with, and heat-reflective. Additionally, it is versatile and also solves a lot of roofing issues. This article highlights some roofing issues that can be resolved by installing a PVC membrane.

A Leaking Roof

When a roof leaks, dark stains can appear on your ceiling. Take immediate action if this happens before it turns into a bigger problem. While you could choose to have frequent repairs done, it is, unfortunately, time-consuming. On the other hand, patching those areas with PVC takes less time and is very effective. It's prudent to call your roofer to install this membrane to stop the leaks.

A Roof Full of Algae

Algae make your roof look old, dirty, and neglected. It often forms on parts of your roof that do not receive a lot of sunlight. Once formed, they retain moisture, causing the shingles to decay and start leaking. Algae may also spread to your gutters and downspouts because these components are often humid, causing them to clog, resulting in more serious roofing problems. 

Even so, you may not need to budget for a new roof just yet, because cleaning the algae and installing a PVC membrane effectively solves this problem. Additionally, it is easier to clean off algae from PVC than from your roof. PVC membrane installation, therefore, safeguards your shingles from a re-occurrence of the same problem.

A Roof That is Approaching the End of its Lifespan

As long as your roof is in excellent condition, it fulfills its purpose with minimal issues. However, if it is almost reaching its lifespan's end, you need to implement measures to keep it functional and avoid costly repairs. An excellent maintenance tip is to install a PVC membrane to add a few more decades to your roof's lifespan. 

High Energy Bills

If your energy bills skyrocket without an increase in your consumption, call your roofer to check whether the culprit could be your roof. The problem of high energy bills may arise from poor ventilation, leaks, or old age that makes the roof inefficient. Fortunately, applying a PVC membrane can solve this problem. Since the membrane is also white, it helps keep heat from your home.

Consider installing a PVC membrane if you have noticed any of the above roofing issues and are worried about how best to solve them. For best results, contact a professional roof contractor such as Diversified Roofing to address any concerns you have and expertly perform the installation.