Is Professional Roof Cleaning Worth It?

Many roof companies offer professional roof cleaning services. As a homeowner, you may wonder if these services are worth paying for. In most cases, the answer is "yes." Paying to have your roof professionally cleaned from time to time will often save you money and time in the long run. Here's how.

Moss and algae will be washed off before they can proliferate

Both moss and algae can be problematic for a roof. Moss will grow into the shingles, weakening them as it breaks down the organic compounds in their bases. Algae is not quite as destructive, but it does leave unsightly black streaks on the roof that are hard to remove. If you have your roof professionally cleaned, any beginnings of moss or algae growth will be removed. You then won't have to deal with a bigger moss or algae problem years later.

Salt, road debris, and other contaminants will be rinsed away

Salt, road debris, and other contaminants not only make your roof look dirty, but can actually increase the rate at which the roof deteriorates. Some of these compounds may grab onto moisture and trap it against the roof. Salt will cause the flashing and any other metal compounds to corrode and weaken. A professional cleaning will remove this debris, which will help extend the life of your roof and prevent damage.

Leaves and other debris won't rinse into your gutters

If you don't have your roof cleaned, any debris up there will eventually get rinsed down into the gutters when it rains. This can lead to clogged gutters, which won't do their job very well. If you have the roof cleaned from time to time, then you'll end up with less debris in the gutter, which means you won't have to clean them out as often.

Your roofer will get a good look at your roof

While they are there cleaning, your roofer will get a pretty good look at your roof. If there is anything wrong, they will tell you and give you recommendations for repairs. They're likely to notice problems sooner than you may have noticed them otherwise, which can keep your repair costs lower over time.

So, is professional roof cleaning worth it? Most people agree that it is, especially once they have their roofs cleaned. A cleaning now and then will prevent the need for more costly repairs and services as your roof grows older. A company like JC Contracting LLC has more information.