Faqs About Having Your Residential Roof Replaced

If your roof is old and starting to deteriorate, then you will probably want to have it replaced. The first step in this process is to call or communicate with one or more roofing companies in your area. Here are a few common questions homeowners have during this stage of the roof replacement process.

Why do the estimates vary so much?

If you get estimates from a couple of different roof companies, you may wonder why they vary by a few hundred or even a thousand dollars or more. There are a few reasons for this. First, the roofing companies may be using different products. Some shingles cost more than others, and the roofing company with a higher estimate may be using better, more costly shingles. Second, one roofing company may charge more because they have to travel further to your home. For this reason, a good way to save is often to hire a roofing company located closer to your home.

Are companies that claim to extend the life of your roof legitimate?

One or more of the roofing companies you consider may claim that the way they install your new roof will make it last longer. Fortunately, these claims are usually legitimate. The company might be using a stronger, more water-resistant underlayment. They may also install more vents to keep the roof cooler, which will reduce wear over time. Don't hesitate to ask them how they make the roof last longer; each company may have a slightly different answer.

Is it worth upgrading from shingles?

You might consider upgrading from shingles to tiles or metal roofing. This can be worth the increased cost since tile and metal roofing last longer than shingles. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can absolutely stick with shingles. They are durable enough for most homes, and specialty shingles, such as wind-resistant shingles, do exist as well. 

Do you have to have the roof replaced right now?

This depends on the state of your current roof. If it is actively leaking, then yes, you will want to replace it ASAP to minimize future water damage. If it is not yet leaking, then you can often put off roof replacement for a few months—or even a year or two.

If you have any additional questions about roof replacement, contact a professional roofing service—such as Hurricane Roofer. They tend to be a good resource for people in your position.