4 Likely Enemies Of Your Shingled Home Roof

One thing that gives you peace of mind is having an effective roof over your head. Unfortunately, your roof may develop problems and become ineffective in shielding you from different weather elements. In some cases, the damage to your roof may take time to manifest, catching you off guard by escalating. However, home roofing contractors advocate for frequent inspections to help keep your roof in excellent condition. 

For example, if your roof is shingled, you need to ensure that the components are not deteriorating. Such deterioration may manifest as blistering, rotting, decaying, curling, or missing. This article explores some causes of this type of shingle damage and what you can do to remedy it.

Too Much Sunlight

Sunny days are beloved, but too much sun is not safe either for you or your roof. Excess sunlight is perhaps the number one cause of shingle damage because it causes the protective coating to dry up, leaving the home roof shingles brittle or broken. 

As a result, the shingles can no longer expand and contract as required. To help protect your shingles, your roofer can apply a high-performing sun-blocking coating that will deflect the heat. Additionally, lighter-colored shingles stand up to the sun's effect better than darker ones.

A Poorly Insulated Attic

It is important to provide a means for your home to eliminate heat through the attic. Otherwise, it gets trapped, and the more heat accumulates, the more your roofing shingles are at risk of damage. Typically, the heat starts by damaging the underside of the shingles, eventually causing them to curl up. So if your attic is poorly ventilated, hire a home roofing company to diagnose and resolve the problem.

Lichen Growth

Lichen is a mixture of algae and fungus that grows on neglected roofs. If you notice them on your asphalt shingled roof, it may be a sign of rot due to the acidity of the lichen. To prevent this, schedule regular maintenance with a home roofing professional.

High Winds

Intense winds can cause your shingles to curl as the wind blows through the edges. Some shingles may get ripped away in more severe cases, resulting in more extensive damage to your roof and home. Therefore, it is prudent to hire a roofing expert for inspection after every episode of strong winds.

Hiring a home roofing specialist to take care of your roof is an important investment in safeguarding your property.