Reasons It’s Worth Getting Your Residential Roof Certification

Some municipalities require all roofers who work in that municipality to be certified roofers. Other municipalities don't require certification. If your municipality doesn't require certification, does that mean there's no reason to earn your residential roofing certificate? Not at all! Aside from any requirements, earning your residential roof certification is a really good idea if you're a roofer or plan to become a roofer. Here are a few benefits of earning such a certification.

You will learn the industry's best practices.

There are several different ways to do certain roofing tasks. For example, not every roofer nails on shingles the same way or positions their drip edge the same. In some cases, there is a lot of room for flexibility, but in other cases, there is a "best" way to perform a certain part of the roofing work. When you earn your roofing certification, you will learn the industry best practices for various types of roof work. This is not to say you will always do things this way for the rest of your career, but it is still good to know what those best practices are so you can draw on them and implement them as needed.

Customers may take you more seriously.

Even if certification is not strictly required in your area, there will be customers who only want to hire roofers who are certified. They see this as a way to ensure they're hiring the best of the best — someone capable. Therefore, if you earn your certification, you will open yourself up to customers who may not have hired you otherwise. You can include the fact that you are certified on your website and marketing materials.

You can move and do work in another region if needed.

Maybe your current municipality does not require certification, but what if you decide to move in the future? It will be nice to already hold your residential roofing certification so you can pick your business up and take it with you. You can move into a region that requires certification without worrying about it. The last thing you want to have to do, when moving, is taking a certification course at the same time. Why not get it out of the way now so you can move and work freely in any area?

Residential roofing certifications exist to ensure those in the industry know what they are doing and do good work. It's always a good idea to be certified.