What Sets Certified Roofing Contractors Apart From Other Roofers?

If you're looking into roofing professionals to hire to install a roof, you might have noticed that some of them have advertised themselves as being certified roofers while others have not. You could be wondering what the difference is between these two types of professionals or whether or not there is a difference at all. There is, in fact, a difference between certified and non-certified roofing professionals, and those differences are more important than you might think for these reasons.

They Usually Have Experience With Planning and Design

Some roofing professionals and people who offer handyman services only have experience with things like installing simple roofs or making roof repairs. If you need to have a new roofing system installed on a home that you're having built, or if you're completely transforming the roof on your existing home -- such as switching to a different pitch -- then you might need a little more help. Certified roofing contractors typically have more experience with things like designing and installing brand new roofing systems. Therefore, for your big project, you might want to enlist the help of one of these professionals.

They've Typically Gone Through Manufacturer-Specific Training

Many certified roofing professionals have gone through manufacturer-specific training. This means that they are fully knowledgeable about just about everything related to a certain manufacturer's roofing materials, such as how they should be installed, how long they last, how they should be cared for, what type of warranty coverage they have, and more.

They're Typically Properly Insured

You are probably thinking that nothing is going to go wrong while you're having your roof installed. Because of this, you might not be overly concerned about whether or not the person who is installing your roof has insurance. However, even though you ideally will never have to make use of your roofing contractor's insurance, you will definitely want to make sure that they have it. Things can go wrong no matter how careful a roofing contractor might be and no matter how experienced they are. This could lead to property damage or someone getting hurt. If the person who works on your roof is not insured, then you could end up with major expenses that you aren't prepared for, and you might not have help with covering them. Roofing contractors typically have to be insured in order to get their certification. However, make sure that you verify this before you hire someone for the job, just in case.

Now that you know the differences between certified and non-certified professionals, make sure to hire a certified roofing service such as Iconic Roofing  LLC.