How To Tell If Your Home Needs Wind Damage Roofing Repair

Has wind damaged your house during a storm? A storm-damaged roof has the potential to cause major issues that require professional help. A storm-damaged roof can lead to serious and costly personal harm if not repaired correctly. This is why every homeowner should understand how a wind damage roofing repair service can determine the level of damage to your home: 

1. Using Visual Inspection

A visual inspection is the first thing your storm damage roof repair service will do. They will examine the home's exterior for visible signs of damage to the roof. They will look for dents, buckling, and shingles blown off the roof by the wind. If they find any of these things, they will need to go inside the home to confirm the extent of the damage. 

2. Assessing Hailstone Size  

If a contractor finds visible signs of damage to your roof, they will go inside to inspect further. While inside, they will check surrounding areas for hailstone size and other indicators that can help them determine how severe the damage is. 

The weather report comes in handy to assess the size of the hailstones that landed. Normally, hailstones will cause minor damage like scouring. But large hailstones will make punctures in the roof. 

3. Using a Drone 

The use of drones has become very popular to get an aerial view of the home. This high-resolution view is especially useful for damage assessment after a storm. A wind damage roofing repair service can maneuver a drone to have a close-up look at the damage. 

4. Checking For Leaks in the House 

If a contractor finds that your roof has been damaged, they will need to check for leaks. This will help them determine if you have any water damage and how severe that damage is. Sometimes there are visible tears and punctures, but leaks can also be hidden. 

5. Full Roof Inspection  

After all this, your roofing contractor will conclude the inspection with a full roof inspection. This will give you a detailed report on all of the issues found during the inspection. It will explain what wind damage roofing system repair needs to be made, how much it will cost, and when it can be completed.

You need to repair a wind-damaged roof ASAP because subsequent storms can cause further damage. Contact a company like T-Town Roofing for assistance if you suspect your home has suffered damage during a storm.