Causes Of Roof Damage And How A Roofer Can Help

The roof is a very important component of your home. In addition to providing you with security, it protects you against rain, storms, extreme temperatures, and other conditions. Roofs come in different varieties and have different installation methods. Badly installed roofs cause damage to the inside of the house, resulting in more expenses for homeowners. There are many causes of roof damage, they will be explained in this blog. 

Extreme Weather Conditions

Harsh weather conditions like heavy rain, ice, and strong winds can greatly contribute to roof damage over time. In addition, the pressure brought on by such conditions may cause damage to the shingles, which causes the penetration of water and other substances into the building. Therefore, a roof inspection after such conditions is essential to prevent extensive damage.

Improper DIY Installation

In some cases, roof problems are caused by poor installation. The effects of poor DIY installation can have far-reaching consequences such as structural damage, leaks, and moss, among others. In addition, improper roof installation can sometimes be seen from the exterior of the building. For example, one may notice missing shingles, poor alignment, unsealed nail heads, nails under the joint, shingles sliding off the roof, lack of uniformity in appearance, reusing old materials, and different material types.

Walking On The Roof

Other than the danger of falling off the roof and sustaining serious injuries, walking on a roof causes actual damage to the roof. Most common roofing materials are lightweight and extremely brittle under sudden impact. These roofing materials become fragile over time due to sun exposure and other elements, which can cause them to break or crack. Walking on the roof increases this fragility. In addition, walking on asphalt roofs can cause shingles' dislodging, creating gaps that lead to leaks.

Tree-Related Damage

Although trees add aesthetics and value to a property by purifying the air, among other benefits, they can also cause damage to roofs under certain circumstances. Tree branches, in particular, can cause great damage. This happens when sharp branches scrape the roof's protective layer. On metallic roofs, branches can scratch the outer coating, exposing the metal to corrosion which causes wear to the rest of the roof. The same branches can cause tears on single-ply roofs, exposing the underlying materials. Additionally, leaves falling from trees onto building roofs may settle in gutters, leading to rainwater overflow due to blockage. 

Although most roof damages are from external forces, some are preventable. Considering how important roofs are, it is essential to maintain them in the best conditions possible and repair them when necessary to avoid the extra cost of repairing extensive damage. Hiring a roofing contractor can help reduce the chance of roof damage since they install the roofs professionally and advise on proper maintenance.