Ways To Upgrade Residential Flat Roof Home Designs

A design option for some residential homes is to utilize a flat roof for all or part of the home. The flat roof may be over a carport, patio, or extension added to a home. The issue some property owners have with this type of roof is creating an aesthetic appeal. Here are some ideas that may benefit your home and your ideas. 

Deck Over Roof

If you have a flat roof over your carport, you may believe this is all you can do with the space. The truth is, there is more you can do, especially if the roof is flat and not a flat roof on an angle or slope. With the help of your roofing contractor, you can utilize the rooftop space with a deck over roof design. What this design does is add a functional outdoor sundeck over the flat roof. Stairs can be added to access the deck easily. The deck can hold outdoor seating areas and lounging areas. This is the ideal option for owners who enjoy sunbathing or staring at the stars to relax after a long day. 

Rooftop Garden

If you have a small amount of property, you may be concerned about trying to start a garden. In fact, you may think your only option is to go with a vertical garden. If you have a flat roof, you can create a rooftop garden. Your roofing contractor can help to update the roof and ensure that it can hold the weight of a rooftop garden. Once this is done, they can discuss the options with you to ensure that a garden will flourish and will not cause damage to the roof. This may require a different type of roofing material or protective barrier depending on the plans you have in mind. 

Storage Loft

Storage is an issue for many homeowners. This is especially true when there is not enough room or the property is small. One option is to build a storage loft over the flat roof that is over your patio or your carport. The storage loft can be simple and made to hold items that do not need to be kept at a specific temperature. It can also be upgraded to a full room that connects by stairs to the room below the roofline. If you have central air and heat, you can also have the room connected to that system so you can control the temperature of the storage loft. 

When you are ready to move forward with your plans for upgrading your residential flat roof design, contact a roofing contractor of your choice. They will help you with your ideas, any changes that need to be made, answers to your questions, and discussions about the process of the upgrades. They will schedule a time and date to assess the current roofing situation and determine what steps should happen next. 

Call a company that offers roof services to learn more.