Should I Choose A Stone-Coated Metal Roof?

Metal is a common material used for roofs. However, in some cases, you may want a roof that has the durability of metal but doesn't look like metal. Fortunately, there are several options available to you including a stone-coated metal roof. You will want to speak with a residential roofing system service to find out each option that is available to you.

Stone-Coated Shingles are Similar to Asphalt Shingles

Stone-coated metal shingles are sometimes compared to asphalt shingles because they are similar on the surface. A stone-coated metal shingle can look like a wood shake or a barrel tile. However, because there is metal under the surface, these types of shingles are more durable. They are also lighter than conventional metal shingles and are easier to install.

Metal is Durable Regardless of Whether it is Stone-Coated

As your stone-coated shingles wear out as a result of hail or other stresses, the metal might become visible underneath. This might not look as aesthetic and you might want to replace the shingles at some point. However, the metal underneath will continue to protect your roof.

Metal Roofs Can Be Loud

One of the problems with metal shingles is that they can become loud when hail rains down on a metal roof. However, depending on the type of insulation used with stone-coated metal shingles, they are less likely to be as loud.

Metal Roofs are Easier to Install

Stone-coated metal roofing panels take longer to install than regular metal panels because the metal panels are installed as long sheets and the stone-coated metal shingles are smaller. However, if you will be having your roof installed by professional residential roofing system services, it doesn't matter if the roof will take longer to install.

Metal Roofs are Cooler

If you still can't decide whether you would prefer a stone-coated metal roof or a plain metal roof, considered the climate of your home. A metal roof will be cooler than a stone-coated metal roof and can be ideal in hotter climates. This is regardless of the type of color that you paint the metal roof, although light colors tend to reflect sunlight better.

Choosing a roof for your home is a major decision. For this reason, you will always want to discuss with a residential roofing specialist which type of roof would best meet the needs of your home. Contact a company near you for more information.