6 Siding Options That Hold Up Better Than Wood Against Hail

After the siding on your home has been damaged by a hailstorm, you might be reluctant to replace your siding with the same type of material. After all, you will simply need to replace your siding again after it has become damaged by hail. However, there are some siding materials that are more impact-resistant than wood and can save you money in the long run.

1. Engineered Wood

Despite being lighter, engineered wood is actually more resistant to hail than natural wood. It looks like natural wood but uses engineered wood strand technology so that it is much more durable. After a hail storm, you might not see any marks at all. It is also more resistant to moisture and will not deteriorate as fast when exposed to a substantial amount of rainfall. 

2. Vinyl

If your goal is to add siding that is affordable and that you can expect to last for a long time, vinyl siding is a good option. It can last for decades. Some homeowners are concerned with the appearance of vinyl siding, but vinyl siding looks much better today thanks to technological advancements. However, vinyl siding might crack under some conditions.

3. Steel

Steel siding can perform better than vinyl. In some cases, steel siding might leave a small dent behind and the paint may chip. You may not like how the siding looks after the hail storm, but the dent won't compromise the integrity of the siding.

4. Fiber Cement

If your home is in a location that does not have excessive moisture and doesn't have a freeze/thaw cycle, fiber cement might be a good option. Fiber cement also has a texture that looks similar to wood. In addition to being resistant to hail, it can also resist strong winds.

5. Cedar Shake

If you would like your home to have a more rustic look, cedar shake is one option available. While looking more rustic, cedar shake is more durable than traditional wood. However, it requires much more maintenance than other types of siding materials. 

6. Brick Veneer

When your primary concern is the beauty of your home, you may choose a brick veneer. This material is resistant to hail, heat, wind, and ice. However, you will need to perform repairs and will need to protect the veneer from erosion.

Choosing your siding is a major decision, but the right decision will protect your home for years. If you want to learn more before making this decision, a company such as Twin City Roofing Construction Specialists, Inc. can answer your questions.