You Might Need A New Roofing Installation Before You Get Solar Panels Installed

If you're thinking about getting solar panels put on your home, it may be time to consider a new roof too. It's often good to install new roofing at the same time you get solar panels so they can both age at the same rate.

Putting solar panels on an old roof could mean you'll need to pay thousands of dollars to remove and replace the panels when you need to get a new roof later. Here are some considerations for a new roofing installation when you decide to get solar panels.

Have Your Roof Inspected First

You can estimate if you need new roofing based on the age of the roof. However, a roof ages according to how well it was maintained. Even though your roof may be getting old, it might still have many years of life left in it if you took good care of the roof throughout its life. The way to know for sure if your roof is in good shape, or if it's best to replace it, is to have an inspection done.

A roofer will inspect the shingles to determine if there is widespread damage or if the shingles might last several years. Plus, when deciding how long the shingles will last, they may consider the shingles will be under the panels and somewhat protected from UV rays and wind in the years to come. The roofer also checks the deck for moisture damage since a deck that is rotting needs to be replaced before panels are put on.

Put On New Shingles With The Solar Panels

Your roofer might recommend having a new roof installed before you put solar panels on. Some roofers also install solar panels, so you might get the work done as a single project. However, you could also hire a contractor for the roofing installation and then bring in the solar company later to put on the panels.

Since both components are new, you shouldn't have to worry about problems with your roof for several years unless it sustains storm damage. You'll reduce the risk of the panels having to be removed to make repairs later. Removing panels adds to the cost and also interferes with the ability to produce solar energy for your home.

Install Solar Panels On An Older Roof

As long as your roof is in fairly good shape and has many years of life in it, you may prefer to hold off on your roofing installation. It will cost less now to put off the roofing installation and just put on the solar panels. However, it will cost more later when you get your new roof since the panels will have to come off when the old roof is removed.

That's a chance you have to be willing to take. If your roof needs to be repaired in a place where the panels are mounted, the panels have to come off in that situation too. Talk to a roofing installation contractor and get advice on what you should do when your roof is old, but still has a lot of life left in it.