What To Compare In New Shingles For Your Asphalt Roofing Installation

If you're planning a new asphalt roofing installation, you might be looking at different types of shingles so you can pick the best ones for your home. You might be surprised at the choices you have in new roofing shingles. Here are some things to compare in asphalt shingle roofing.


Color is very important since you'll be stuck with the same color for many years after your roofing installation. You might want to change the exterior paint color on your home in the future, so you want roofing that matches the color you have now, but that also matches other colors. You can find both dark and light shingles, so you can pick a color theme that you like.

Light colors come with the added benefit of keeping your attic a little cooler since light colors reflect the sun rather than absorb heat. However, a more important consideration could be how well the color complements the colors of your house paint, trim, or shutters.


Durability is also an important consideration for roofing installation materials since durable shingles last longer. Asphalt shingle grades are determined by the quality of the shingles, and thickness is one factor that determines the grade and shingle durability.

Thicker shingles are usually better since they stand up to hail impacts and storms better than thin shingles. However, the thicker shingles are also more expensive. If you have room in your budget for high-quality shingles, then you may want to buy the most durable shingles you can afford for your new roof installation.


All types of roofing are rated for impact, wind, and fire. Different types of asphalt shingles have different ratings. This allows you to choose the protection you need the most. If you live where hail is common, you might want shingles with the highest impact rating.

The highest-quality shingles may have the highest ratings on all points, but you might not want to pay for the most expensive option. Instead, you can compare the ratings among budget and mid-price shingles to get the amount of protection you think your home needs.


A roofing installation is a significant investment, even when you buy budget shingles. Your choice of new shingles might be based on cost alone. While budget shingles may have a shorter lifespan than high-quality shingles, you'll still have an attractive roof that protects your home for years when you buy the least expensive shingles.

No matter what quality you buy, you'll want the shingles checked and repaired regularly so you get the longest life from them once your roofing installation is complete.

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