Ways A Slate Roof May Benefit Your Home

If you are facing a roof replacement, you may be considering the materials available to you. This is especially true if you are concerned about extreme weather conditions that are becoming increasingly common across the country. Most of the materials on the market are durable under certain weather conditions, but there are a few that stand out more than others. Slate is one of these materials. If you have not considered slate, here are some reasons it should be part of your roof replacement plans. 

Wind Resistance

Wind can cause numerous issues with your roof. If the wind is strong, it can lift up shingles or blow them off the roof totally. This can leave your roof exposed to water damage and other elements. With the use of slate roofing, you can reduce the chances of wind damage. Slate roofing is heavy and durable meaning that it is difficult to lift the slate even with heavy winds. Since wind resistance can cause so many issues with your roof, having something heavy like the slate is ideal. 

Mold Resistance

You may not think of mold as being an issue with your roof. The truth is, mold can set into your roofing without you seeing it or knowing about it until it is too late. This means you ideally want to have a roofing material for your roof replacement that stands up to mold. Slate is one of those materials. It is naturally mold resistant. This is due in part to the slate having resistance to soaking in water. Since the water does not seep into the slate, the chances of pooling water and mold are reduced. 

Hail and Impact Resistance

Depending on the weather conditions you face, you may be facing an issue with hail or impact damage. The impact may be from hail damage or from falling limbs. If you face several hail storms during a year, then having a roofing material that is durable to hail is vital. Slate is one of those materials. It holds up well to hail damage and helps reduce the chances of the hail causing damage to your roof and to the membrane underneath.

These are just a few of the benefits of using slate roof material during a roof replacement. If you are ready to get started, contact your roofing contractor. They can assess the roof situation and determine what steps will need to be taken during the roof replacement. They can also discuss the types of slate roofing available to you and how each may benefit your plans. 

For more information on a roof replacement, contact a company near you.