Tips For Better Residential Roof Care

The more you understand about your roof, the better off you are going to be when it comes to keeping it in good shape. You want to know how to spot different types of problems, what can cause them, and when your roof needs attention. Here is more information on residential roofs and some of the things you want to know about them: 

Different roofing types can have different types of damage

You want to know what types of damage to watch for when it comes to the roof you have. For example, knowing that missing shingles should be looked for after a severe storm isn't going to be helpful to you when you have a tile roof. This is why you want to learn as much as possible about the different types of damage that can happen to your roof, so you are aware of exactly what types of things to be on the lookout for. 

Rain gutter damage can affect the roof

You want your rain gutters to stay in good condition, so they continue doing their job and preventing possible problems with everything from the siding to the foundation. However, something a lot of people don't know is damaged gutters can also cause issues for the roof, even though they are located under the roof's surface. Depending on the pitch of your roof, water that's trapped in the rain gutters can creep up to the roof and cause damage that can lead to leaks in the roof. It can also cause areas of the roof to rot. So, anytime you spot gutter damages, you want the roofer to come to fix them quickly. 

Roof flashing is an important element

The main roofing material isn't the only one to keep your eye on. The flashing is an extremely important roofing element that must stay in good shape. The flashing is metal sheets that are installed in areas like around the chimneys, vents, and roof valleys. The purpose of the flashing is to keep water away from those areas and protect them from leaks. Damage to the flashing can quickly lead to leaks, and this is why it needs to be repaired as soon as you see signs of damage or excessive wear and/or aging. 


By knowing what to look for and getting the roofer out right away for any problems, you can decrease the likeliness of expensive repair issues, and you may be able to extend the lifespan of your roof by a good amount.

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