What Influences Your Roof Repair Costs?

Many homeowners are usually at a loss of how to go about roof repairs when disaster strikes. Repair costs are usually the biggest concern since major roof repairs can cost thousands of dollars. Roof repair costs can vary widely because roof damages also vary. You should try to understand how the roofer comes to their price quotes. What are some of the considerations that influence roof repair costs?

1. Scope of Work

What work needs to be done? The most basic repair job is just fixing the leak. It is an easy repair job since it only involves patching and sealing the damaged area. However, more complex jobs involve replacing entire panels or even complete roofing systems. 

A roofer will typically use a roofing square number to measure the scope of work. It goes without saying that the more extensive the damage, the more complex the repair work, translating into higher costs. 

2. Roof Design and Material    

The design and material used on your roof will also affect roof repair costs. Roof designs with complex angling and steep pitches present a bigger challenge in repair work. For example, a hip roof is more expensive to work with than a typical gable roof. 

The roofing material you choose also has a big impact on roof repair costs. For example, slate shingles are more expensive than asphalt shingles of the same size.  

3. Roof Accessibility    

Roof accessibility is also a big factor in roof repair costs. If you have a steep-slope roof, it will be more expensive to repair since the roofer will have more difficulties getting to the damaged area. Also, if the roofer needs special equipment and tools to access the roof and stay safe on it, it adds to the roofer's costs, adding to your repair bill in turn.

4. Roof Repair Permits    

Do you ‌need permits for the roofing repairs? If your state requires roofing permits for roof repairs, then expect higher costs since the roofer will have to pay for the fees. In some jurisdictions, the permit depends on the size of the roof, while others charge a flat rate.

5. Labor Costs    

Labor costs make up a big part of the roof repair bill. The labor costs depend on the number of people working on the roof. A big, experienced, and well-known brand is also likely to charge higher than a roofer trying to make a name in the market. 

Are you unsure of what is needed to make your roof right again? Talk to a professional service such as Brandon J Roofing about the different roof repair options available and their costs.