How To Avoid Drainage Problems With A Commercial Roof

When constructing a commercial building, a flat roof is often a great idea. It is highly durable, cost-effective, and can last a very long time. However, a commercial roof can also sometimes develop drainage problems that will need to be solved by a commercial roofing contractor.

Leaks Caused By Poor Drainage

One of the biggest problems associated with commercial roofs is the fact that they can develop leaks as a result of the inability of the roof to effectively drain. As a result, a pond can form on the roof and the water will eventually seep through openings in the roof and will infiltrate into the building.

A Roof That Doesn't Naturally Slope

Your roof is more likely to suffer from ponding if it does not have a natural slope. If this is the case, the water will not naturally travel toward the drain so that it can then exit the roof. Even if the roof does have a natural slope, damage done to the roof can prevent the water from naturally traveling to the drain.

The roof usually begins to leak because of the weight of the water. The weight of the water causes the roof to sag and then the water is able to seep through the roof and into your building.

Roof Debris Causes Drainage Problems

Another reason why a roof might begin to develop drainage problems is if it is covered with too much debris. Even if the roof has a good enough slope, the debris can block the flow of water and cause the roof to begin to leak.

A Properly Constructed Roof Won't Have Drainage Problems

Due to the problems that can result from poor drainage, you will need to make sure that you have your roof constructed in such a way that reduces the risk that your roof will develop drainage problems. For example, you will need a drain that will be able to effectively remove moisture from your roof. Otherwise, you may need to hire a commercial roofing contractor who will be able to reroof your building so that it will not develop issues with ponding.

Roof Maintenance Prevents Drainage Problems

After your roof has been constructed, you will need a regular maintenance plan. Make sure to consult with the roofing construction contractor about how you should maintain your roof so you can make sure that your roof will not develop drainage problems.