3 Signs It’s Time To Call A Roofer To See If Your Home Needs Roof Repairs

The need for some roof repairs is more urgent than it is for others. If you know you have a leak, you need to get it fixed right away or your attic and home could sustain water damage that you need to repair too. Look over your shingles regularly for signs of damage, even if you do it from the ground. If you notice that your roof looks worn or different, call a roofing contractor to look into it. Here are some signs to watch for that indicate you need roof repairs.

1. Degraded Shingles

If your shingles are showing their age, it's time to talk to a roofing contractor about what you can do to prolong their lives. Sometimes, shingles look old because they've lost a lot of granules. When that happens, your contractor might put more granules on the shingles, but your roof has to be worth saving first.

Putting on new granules involves getting a big bucket of the type of granules your roof needs and sticking them to the shingles with adhesive. The granules will block UV rays so the degradation of the shingles slows down.

2. Flapping Shingles

If you happen to notice a shingle flapping in the wind, call a roofer to nail it back down or secure it with adhesive. If the shingle lifts in the wind, it could be torn off during the next storm. If you can't see the shingle when it's flat, the shingle could go missing and you wouldn't know it. A missing shingle doesn't always cause an immediate roof leak, but it could.

It's worth letting a roofer check your shingles when you have one or more that are loose or missing. Replacing a shingle is an easy roof repair, but if the damage escalates to include water damage to the deck, the repairs get more complicated and expensive.

3. Rusty Areas Around Pipes And The Chimney

Your asphalt shingle roof has a few metal parts to it. There is usually metal in the valley of the roof and around anything that pokes through the roof from the attic, such as a chimney and plumbing vent pipes. You shouldn't see any rust on the metal. If you notice rust, call a roofer to take a close look to see if the rust has eaten holes in the metal. If holes are present, that could mean your roof is leaking.

This type of roof repair involves scrubbing away or dissolving the rust and then covering it with rust inhibitor to keep rust from coming back and spreading. If a hole is present, the roofer has to patch it or tear off the rusty part of the metal and put on a new piece.