Reducing The Risk Of Your Roof Suffering Winter Weather Damage

Winter weather can have the capability of causing major damage to your home. More specifically, the roof is often at a greater risk of developing damage due to winter weather. However, homeowners may rarely give their roof much attention when it comes to mitigating winter damage to it.

Large Ice Dams Are a Serious Threat to Your Roof

An ice dam can be one of the more common problems that a roof will experience during the winter months. These dams form due to snow that accumulates on the roof melting and the runoff freezing as it approaches the edge of the roof. A common source of this problem can be due to small gaps in the roof allowing warm air to seep out. This could prematurely melt the snow so that its runoff will freeze once it moves away from the source of warmth. If an ice dam is able to grow large enough, its immense weight of it can actually lead to the roof starting collapsing or cracking.

There Are Upgrades That Can Reduce the Risk Of Ice and Snow Accumulating

It is possible to actively warm the roof so that the amount of snow and ice that can gather on it will be severely reduced. One of the ways that this can be done is through the installation of a warming cable that can warm the surrounding area when it is active. For those that live in areas where heavy snowfall can be expected regularly, these systems can be invaluable for limiting the risk of winter weather damaging the roof. Luckily, these systems will not require much power to produce this heat, which can keep their operating costs low.

Gutter Cleaning Can Reduce the Risk of Ice Clogs Forming

Ice clogs forming in the gutters can be another significant roofing issue during the winter months. When these clogs form, they will be able to stop the flow of runoff through the gutters. As a result, this water could start to overflow the sides of the gutters, which may cause damage to the sides of the home or the roof. Cleaning the gutters during the fall can help to reduce this risk as it will eliminate leaves, dirt, and other materials that may restrict the flow of water through the gutters, which could make them more likely to freeze. Luckily, cleaning the gutters is a simple task that many homeowners will be able to complete on their own with little more than a suitable ladder.

For more information on how to protect your roof from damage in the winter, speak with residential roofing services near you.