It’s Your Chance To Change Your Roofing When It’s Time For A Roof Replacement

Getting a new roof is a big step, so you may be considering all your options when it comes to the timing of your roof replacement and the type of roof you want to get. Here are a few suggestions for preparing to get your new roof.

Consider An Upgrade In Roofing Materials

If you have a three-tab shingle roof now, you may want to upgrade your roofing to something more durable. More durable roofing costs more upfront, but it holds up much better so you can expect fewer repairs. You don't have to change the look of your roof too much. Instead of switching to metal, you could just buy thicker and more durable asphalt shingles.

In addition to thinking about better roofing shingles, give some thought to the color. If your home has looked the same for several years, you might want to change the paint color, trim color, or color of your shutters. That could affect your decision on the best color for your new roof. You can buy shingle roofs in a wide range of colors so you can create the ideal color scheme for the exterior of your home.

Learn About The Work Your Roof Needs

Start planning for your roof replacement by finding out what type of work your roof needs. You might get lucky and only need the underlayment and shingles replaced. However, if your roof has been leaking, you might need to replace part of the wood structure of your roof. If so, that affects the cost of your new roof, and you may not be able to compare the anticipated cost of your roof replacement with what your neighbor paid for a new roof.

When you get a quote for your roof, the contractor should include all the materials needed for the job. They may also include the cost of the permit and dumpster. However, be sure to ask if there could be hidden charges for work that isn't anticipated, such as water damage to rafters.

Think About Roof Additions You Might Like

If you wish your home had more natural light, it might be a good time to think about adding a skylight or even a solar tube to brighten your home. Your roofer might want to add these when you get a roof replacement. However, you can also have them added later if it fits your budget better.

Another addition you may want to consider is a turbine vent. If your attic gets too hot and causes problems with ice dams in the winter, then your roofer might agree a turbine vent will help, and they can install one when you get a new roof. Read more here.