Everything You Need To Know About Metallic Roofs With Standing Seams

When installing a roof over your commercial or residential property, you have numerous options to consider. Metallic roofs are a popular alternative because they are easy to install and maintain. They are also an excellent choice when you need to harvest water. 

The two most common metallic types are corrugated iron sheets and standing seams. The corrugated sheets go through rollers that create groves on the sheet. On the other hand, the standing seam has a vertical pattern and hidden lines. Here is everything you need to know about a standing seam metallic roof.

Performance in Harsh Weather

One of the qualities you should look for in roofing material is how it performs in harsh weather. Standing seam types are weather resistant. In addition, the contractors apply concealed fasteners when installing these structures, making them extremely weather resistant. 

Furthermore, the roof can withstand high wind speeds without getting blown off. They also do well in snowfall because the ice slides right off. Better yet, the material performs excellently in hailstorms because it is stronger than the regular corrugated sheets. When maintained well, it can serve you for close to seven decades. 

Maintenance of the Roof 

Typically, standing seam roofs cost a little more to install than other designs. However, the cost of having them decreases over the years due to their exceptional benefits. For instance, the vertical orientation of the metal reduces the accumulation of moisture and debris. That makes it less prone to rusting.

Also, the fastening process does not involve using nails and screws, which typically create points of weakness in the regular systems. The design allows for expansion and contraction with the changes in temperature, which minimizes weather damage. These factors, coupled with the reduced maintenance needs of the roof, make it cost effective. 

Curb Appeal and Property Value

As much as the primary role of the material is to protect your property from harsh weather elements, you should also consider its aesthetic appearance. This design is unique and gives your building a sleek and elegant appearance. 

You can also customize it into a color that blends in with the rest of your exterior décor. Since the material is attractive and durable, it will raise the resale value of your building significantly and retain its value for many years. 

In your next roof replacement project, speak to competent roofing contractors at a place like Rocky Mountain Roofers Inc about standing seam roofs. A proficient contractor will help you customize it to ensure it remains beautiful and long-lasting.