Why Gutters Should Be Part Of The Exterior Protection For Your Home

Your home's exterior is not impervious to weather, but some things help. High-quality siding, good roofing materials, and properly installed gutters. The gutters serve a specific purpose, and when they are correctly maintained, they can help ensure your home stands the test of time.

Gutters And Protection

The gutters on your home channel water away from the side of the house during rain or when snow is melting off the roof. Gutters also allow you to direct that water where you want it so it can run off away from your home.

Water coming off the roof and falling straight to the ground can cause dirt and other material to spatter against the siding, making a mess and leaving dirt all over the side of the home. The water can also work its way into the ground around the foundation and eventually start to erode the soil, get in behind the foundation walls, cause damage or even seep into the home through small cracks in the concrete or blocks.

Properly installed gutters ensure this does not happen, but they must be constructed and maintained correctly to be effective. Downspouts are a must, and runoff should be considered to ensure the water is far enough away from the home to not make its way around the foundation. 

Gutter Installation

When selecting gutters for your home, several types will work, but a seamless gutter system has the best chance of protecting the house. Because the gutter is made from one piece of material, there are no joints to leak or need resealing later. 

Adding seamless downspouts will also make the gutter system stronger and less prone to leaking. A seamless gutter installation company can make the gutters on-site, install them for you, and even install gutter guards over the top to help keep leaves and animals out of the new gutters.  

Gutter Drainage

If your property has drainage challenges, adding a french drain system around the house can help considerably, and running the gutter downspouts into the drain is always an option. The gutters will collect the water from the roof, and the drain system can efficiently move it away from the home. Using this system allows you to catch any water in the ground near the house and funnel it away as well. 

A well-planned and constructed gutter system with proper drainage that is maintained regularly does not have to be challenging to deal with. It should be considered a layer of protection for your home that will help extend the life of the building and, when done right, can even add to the esthetic of the structure. 

For more information, contact a gutters service near you.