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We are excited to offer Infrared Thermography as another tool in part of our predictive/preventative maintenance roof consulting services.

Infrared Thermography is a form of non-contact, non-destructive testing, utilized to detect and document thermal patterns and associated temperatures across a given roof surface. An Infrared Thermography inspection survey can help to identify hidden moisture infiltration of roof materials. Thus, a predictive maintenance program, which includes Infrared Thermography, can help reduce overall increased costs and resultant damage related to undetected moisture infiltration.

During the course of the day, solar energy is absorbed by the roof surface and is transferred to the insulation layers within the roof. While dry insulation resists heat, wet insulation readily absorbs heat. Since wet insulation has a greater thermal capacity, those areas of the roof which contain wet insulation cool off much more slowly than those areas of the roof containing dry insulation. By utilizing state of the art thermal imaging equipment, Independent Roofing Solutions’ Certified thermographers are capable of detecting these differences in temperature, thus locating the wet areas of roofing materials requiring attention.

Once an area of the roof with an elevated temperature is located, a confirming core sample is analyzed to determine roof construction and degree of moisture content. If presence of moisture is confirmed, the perimeter of the damaged area is then outlined with survey paint on the roof surface. A hardcopy record of the thermal image is recorded. These Thermograms, along with standard photographs and problem definition, provide you with the necessary information to correct a problem before it becomes more serious. As soon as the problem areas have been located and identified, plans can be made to correct these areas, in association with overall system restoration.

When should an infrared thermal survey be conducted?

Prior to the acquisition of real estate.

Prior to Final Acceptance or Payment for a new roofing system.

Before the existing warranty expires on the existing roof.

Before preparing your budget request for roof repairs.

Before re-roofing over an existing roof system.

For early detection of problems in order to minimize long-term repair costs.

Whenever leaks occur in the roof.

Independent Roofing Solutions Infrared Thermography service consists of:

A thermal survey of the entire roof surface utilizing state of the art infrared equipment.

Core sampling with analysis to determine roof construction and moisture content.

Marking of moisture-damaged areas with survey paint.

Thermograms with matching photographs of moisture infiltrated areas.

Visual field inspection of roofing components documented with photographs of existing conditions.

Dimensioned roof drawing locating all of the above.

Summary of present condition, including recommended repair considerations.

We assure you that this service will be an invaluable addition to your existing predictive/preventative building maintenance program and we look forward to meeting all of your roofing/waterproofing consulting needs.

Thank you for considering our services.

Independent Roofing Solutions.