I.R.S. Roof Management Program
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Professionals involved in multiple facilities roof management have long recognized the value of an effective roof management program. We at Independent Roofing Solutions agree with this philosophy.

When a comprehensive roof management program is developed and utilized, your personnel become proactive, rather than reactive, in addressing roof maintenance. This, in turn, reduces the emergency and urgent situations that historically cause excessive damage and unnecessary costs. At the same time, roof management allows you to effectively schedule limited resources and provides a means to project accurate budgetary allocations on an annual basis.

We propose to accomplish this task through the following components:

Building Information Data Survey (B.I.D.S)

Roof survey and data collection.

Data evaluation - including inspection, repair, restoration, replacement, costs and priorities.

Executive Summary - What you have and what to do.

Enhanced Report Service Options

Digital reports - your reports provided electronically, enabling you to effectively manage your roof assets on your computer.

Video reports - Bring the roof to your desk.

Enhanced Technical Service Options

Detailed roof specification preparation for work required.

Project quality control inspections.

Project final inspection.

Custom repair manuals.

Personnel training.

Proper material selection.

Proper repair/inspection techniques.

Maintenance program development.